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Typical Glass Package Performance

Keeping you warm when it’s cold outside.
Choosing Guardian RLE LowE glass can result in significantly lower heating energy costs and an improvement in insulating value by as much as 50% over standard clear glass. In cold regions, this means that windows are no longer an energy loser to be avoided -- increasing glazing area with high performance windows can have little or no affect on total energy use.

Keeping you cool when it’s hot outside.
With Guardian RLE LowE, solar heat gain and damaging radiation can be significantly reduced without sacrificing clear views and daylight. Guardian RLE LowE blocks up to 50% more unwanted solar energy than standard clear glass, and up to 40% more than even dark tinted glass resulting in lower air conditioning expenses and a more comfortable living environment. Guardian RLE LowE also blocks nearly twice as much harmful radiation as clear glass, extending the life of woodwork, carpets, and furnishings, while still allowing plenty of natural sunlight to brighten interior spaces.

Keeping you comfortable in any climate.
In mild climates or in climates that enjoy mild seasons, southern and western elevations of a home can be exposed to significant unwanted solar heat gain. The result is a higher temperature in rooms that are exposed to the sun, while the rest of your home and the air outside remain at a comfortable level. Guardian RLE LowE greatly reduces this effect and helps maintain a uniform comfort level throughout the house.


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